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Our Services


Therapy with children and adolescent is not the same as with adults, as children and teens behave and think differently.

CHILDREN (3-12 years old):

Because children behave and think differently from adults, therapy with children is approached in a unique way. Play therapy is a means by which therapists help children to express and address emotional issues. Through play, a child can better communicate thoughts and feelings. Typical tools in a child psychologist’s office may include games, puppets, and art materials. During a session, a therapist may use these tools to help the child work through anxiety and conflicts or help the child express him or herself fully.

ADOLESCENTS (12 years and older):

Teenagers often find it difficult but rewarding to come to therapy.

Teenagers often find it difficult but rewarding to come to therapy. We have found that psychotherapy works best when teenagers feel that information they share with their therapist will not be told to their parents. We ask parents and teens engaging in therapy to sign a confidentiality agreement so that the teenager may feel comfortable to speak freely. Limits to this confidentiality are outlined in the agreement.