Our Services - Shoreline Psychological
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Our Services

Group Therapy

Group therapy is often used to address common issues or themes in individual lives. Children and adolescents particularly like groups as an alternative to individual therapy. It is sometimes easier for them to listen to their peers as well as feel that their issues are shared by others. Shoreline Psychological offers groups for all ages. Ongoing groups offered include:

DBT Skills groups (for individuals, families, or partners)— designed to teach specific skills to address difficulties with regulating emotions, tolerating distress, impulse control, building and maintaining relationships with others. Click here to learn more about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We offer skills training for adolescents and their caregivers, as well as for  individuals in varying age categories.


Parent Skills group— designed for parents or partners of individuals going through DBT treatment to teach the skills highlighted in DBT and more effective communication with loved ones who struggle with the challenges of emotional dysregulation.


DBT graduate groups (varying age categories) – designed for individuals who have completed a full round of DBT skills training. This group is supportive and goal-focused and helps individuals generalize skills application to their daily lives.


TweenZone- a group designed for middle-school students looking for a goal-focused, skill-building, support group. Topics include navigating friendships, bullying, coping with emotion. Tailored for specific group members needs.


KidsKopingKonnection- a group designed for children who struggle with managing emotions and behavior, skills based and time-limited based on principles of both CBT and DBT.