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Our Services

Group Therapy

Group therapy is often used to address common issues or themes in individual lives. Adolescents and children particularly like groups as an alternative to individual therapy. It is sometimes easier for them to listen to their peers as well as feel that their issues are shared by others.

Social Skills groups give children and adolescents the opportunity to practice appropriate social skills when interacting with others. Groups may also be utilized to help children learning to cope with a specific problem, such as, ADHD, Grief, Depression, or Anxiety. These may be time-limited or open-ended.

Shoreline Psychological also offers groups for adults. Parenting Skills, and other support groups are available. Shoreline Psychological, LLC provides groups that are skills based, problem-focused and time-limited in nature. The content and focus of these groups may change based on patient’s needs. Please contact us to learn what groups Shoreline Psychological, LLC is currently providing.