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Nicole Eastwood, LCSW RYT

Nicole Eastwood is contracting with Shoreline Psychological after working in a variety of clinical settings throughout her career. Nicole is a graduate of the University of Delaware and New York University, and holds extensive training in DBT through Behavioral Tech for Mood, Personality and Substance Use disorders, Exposure Response Prevention for OCD and Phobia disorders, and CBT for depression and anxiety. Nicole has provided direct care clinical work in hospitals, residential, and intensive outpatient settings, using individual & group modalitie, as well as parenting skills training,

She prides herself on her balance of truth and tenderness and solution focused work to assist clients to achieve their individual goals.

In correlation with her clinical work, Nicole is a Registered Yoga Teacher and enjoys utilizing breath and body work where appropriate. Nicole has also served as a mental health consultant for film and theater, and is available for private trainings and presentations.